Saturday, May 7, 2016

Rotary Art Spectacular Finalist

I have been invited to hang in the finalists exhibition for the 37th annual Rotary Art Spectacular, Queensland’s largest and most prestigious annual art exhibition.
Opening Tuesday 31 May 6:30 at Central Plaza One, Brisbane

Here's the painting selected - Sandman Dreaming
Our driver and riders long for the beach...
I've used a double image approach after looking at Salvadore Dali's work recently. 
This work plays on the Holden's Sandman panel vans that depict stylised images that reflect the driver's interests. 
The surfing image I chose was taken at Noosa's first point - included are women surfing as a comment on the gender imbalance within that culture.

Stanthorpe Art Festival Finalist ‪

I have been pre selected for the 2016 Stanthorpe Art Festival, come and see the accumulated creativity from 3 June to 17 July #stanthorpeartfestival2016
After Puberty Blues is a reflection of gender/power relationships - in this case in surfing. I've strayed into surrealism and double images, which is a recent thing I’m having fun with and might develop further.

London Life revisited

I was back in London recently visiting my lovely daughter and a lovely friend from many years ago.
Here's the result of a commission for a London-flavoured painting.

West End Girls is the title although I wonder if another title may have suited it better?

See it hanging at Lethbridge Gallery, Paddington, Brisbane.