Monday, April 9, 2012

Collaborative art project - year 2

During our collaborative art project, I used guided discovery with a year 2 group, to create this painting.  As well as the art smocks covered in paint during each session, the students were offered many opportunities to make suggestions, voice opinions at each stage to bring about a resolved work.  I think they've done a pretty great job!
We had two main areas of focus, namely mark making and composition. Mark making allowed the children to used not only brushes but also sponges, matchsticks, paddle-pop sticks, fingers and hands, to name a few.  Part of our brief was to create a painting to hang on  a specific wall in the school which already had artwork existing and featured hand prints.  The hand prints reminded us of indigenous symbols.  During our composition planning, we talked about how in indigenous art, symbols are used to relate to place and and belonging. We mapped all of the children's hands to show their belong to the school community.
The process wasn't all about mark making and composition though - along the way other learning opportunities arose to look at colour theory, elements and principles of art, how to use acrylic paint and medium, etc.  Most of all, they had fun and want to do more art - YAY, mission completed!
Which way do we hang the painting - I think I like it this way...what do you think?