Sunday, August 28, 2011

My favourite Australian figurative painter - Wendy Sharpe!

This photo is taken with the lovely Wendy Sharpe at an ArtWorkshops Australia in Surry Hills last weekend.
Eleven participant spent Saturday and Sunday painting with Wendy - it was a fab way to spend a weekend. We had a model both days, used acrylics and pretty large brushes. Ms Sharpe's style of teaching is very encouraging, generous and humorous...  
As for feedback while you work, she knew each time she looked at my work what it needed - but treated as a learning moment rather than 'do this, do that'

Monday, August 8, 2011

The EKKA is here again

Hey there...are you going to the RNA show this year? I love milling among the exhibitor pavilions and seeing all the creative stuff people across Queensland have been making.

So, if you find yourself near the Auditorium, maybe check the paintings and drawings... I have 3 paintings hanging - 2 landscapes from my Brisbane Icons series and one scooter work.

Personally I can't wait for some Devonshire tea and watching the cows in the Community arena...mooooo

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Is that someone hiding in the shrubs?

Out on a Sunday run to the bay, they stop by the side of a road...I think I hear something in the do I??

But really, these are two new small format (30x30cm) paintings and for a change painted on canvas rather than linen