Saturday, August 4, 2012

new paintings

I've not blogging for an ages...I've been busy painting. Here are the results - some new compositions, some reworked or re-sized. It's been lots of fun!

Spring Hill is the biggest painting I've done to date. You'll maybe remember it in a previous blog as an entry into the Lethbridge Small Scale art awards 2012. Well this is the 150 x 100cm version. I'm happy with the scaling up - big brushes, loads of paint and big strokes.
Parked is a new composition. My favourite thing is the tyre tracks and oil marks on the, but really the directional lines makes this one pretty appealing.
Start! is reworked and re-sized. The shapes are pared down and flattened - looking a little bit like cut outs. The cars become more simplified as they recede.
The Herd is a re-sized work and I think the title says it all - they look like creatures grazing in their natural habitat - the car park. The track of red from the front scooter through the painting and leading all the way to the red front door makes my eyes zigzag from foreground to background.

These paintings are hanging at Lethbridge Gallery until Sunday August 12 - click here for details