Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Postcards from Home

Art Statement – Postcards from home

It’s a truism that one of the best things about travel is coming home.  The joys of travel go hand in hand with the pangs of homesickness, and this longing can be as much for a past memory of home as the present reality of it.
Postcards from Home tries to capture a sense of this, drawing on my memories of locations that are distinctively Brisbane 

The Story Bridge is as much sculpture as structure, and evocative of a different, more modernist time.

Richard Tipping’s ‘Flood’ sculpture conjures memories of visits to my nonni in New Farm and everything that went with that – the rose gardens and Moreton Bay figs, the heat and the Powerhouse looking out across the river.

The Centenary pool was a childhood haunt and is so beautiful I had to paint it from different angles, and in juxtaposition with similarly stylish and stylised figures borrowed from fashion graphics.

I hope Postcards makes you feel a little homesick too.

Vale James Birrell, architect of the Centenary Pool, Wickham Terrace, Brisbane, Australia

See more of my work at my website and at Lethbridge Gallery

Friday, February 24, 2017


Dear Friends

As you all know I show my artworks at the Lethbridge Gallery in Paddington, the gallery is introducing Art Auctions as a regular feature of their year, where they will sell both secondary market artworks by well-known Australian artists and also a selection of gallery artists as well. 

I'll have a piece or two in the catalogue so if you've ever wanted to get a piece of mine and have been concerned about the price, now is the time to come along and take part in the auction.

Even if you don't want to buy something this time, it would be good for you to come along for what looks likely to be a fun and entertaining afternoon

What: Lethbridge Gallery Art Auction
When: Saturday March 11
Time: 5pm for a 5.30 start.

Visit the website for the full catalogue
For more information, email

Friday, February 10, 2017

Lethbridge Gallery opening

Brisbane - Saturday 4 February was a very hot, summer's day and yet many showed up to the opening.

Brett, my gallerist's summation here

All in all, a success as many showed up to support me and my co-exhibitor Sarah Hickey 

Some wine was consumed and a good chat...

Thanks to Nicola who curated...

Come in this weekend and see the paintings in the flesh.

The show runs until Feb 15 at Lethbridge Gallery
136 Latrobe Tce, Paddington, Brisbane

Monday, January 30, 2017


Here's how I've started my year...a new collection of paintings - STREETLIFE. They are large scale and took most of last year to complete. I'm pleased with the results.

My show opens at Lethbridge Gallery Saturday (details below)

'Between the lines'
I've consider ideas around connection and detachment. The viewer is invited to view both tableaux and close-ups to consider our responses when in public places. Depending on our mood, sometimes we feel connected and sometimes introspective.  Streetlife views this though objects – somehow, machines and structures can be as animate as people, more so sometimes.
'Still portrait'
I prefer to use a pared-down aesthetic, finding compositions in the commonplace and everyday. Ideas and inspiration are drawn from popular culture, especially music, street culture and style icons.
Perspective, vantage point and space between and around objects are used to invite the viewer’s eye. My palette continues to evoke a modernist and mid-twentieth century colour scheme.
Opening Saturday 4 February from 3pm - 5pm at Lethbridge Gallery,136 Latrobe Tce, Paddington.
Exhibition shows from 4 - 15 February

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Rotary Art Spectacular Finalist

I have been invited to hang in the finalists exhibition for the 37th annual Rotary Art Spectacular, Queensland’s largest and most prestigious annual art exhibition.
Opening Tuesday 31 May 6:30 at Central Plaza One, Brisbane

Here's the painting selected - Sandman Dreaming
Our driver and riders long for the beach...
I've used a double image approach after looking at Salvadore Dali's work recently. 
This work plays on the Holden's Sandman panel vans that depict stylised images that reflect the driver's interests. 
The surfing image I chose was taken at Noosa's first point - included are women surfing as a comment on the gender imbalance within that culture.

Stanthorpe Art Festival Finalist ‪

I have been pre selected for the 2016 Stanthorpe Art Festival, come and see the accumulated creativity from 3 June to 17 July #stanthorpeartfestival2016
After Puberty Blues is a reflection of gender/power relationships - in this case in surfing. I've strayed into surrealism and double images, which is a recent thing I’m having fun with and might develop further.

London Life revisited

I was back in London recently visiting my lovely daughter and a lovely friend from many years ago.
Here's the result of a commission for a London-flavoured painting.

West End Girls is the title although I wonder if another title may have suited it better?

See it hanging at Lethbridge Gallery, Paddington, Brisbane.